Sokkia iM 105 Total Station

Key Features of Sokkia IM105 Reflectorless Total Station

With Sokkia IM-105 Total Station you get fast, accurate, and powerful EDM technology, best-in-class accuracy up to 6,000 meter with a prism and up to 1000 meter in reflectorless mode, and a battery life of up to 28 hours. The iM-100 series intelligent measurement station is ready to be your hardest worker out in the field.

Construction and Survey Application Software Reliable All-Round Total Station

Cross-Sectional Survey
By using the MLM (Missing Line Measurement) program, the height difference between points can be calculated. Also, you can save time on reflectorless mode to measure a number of points of variation in a large area.

Stake Out
The Guide Light function will navigate the prism operator to move to the stake out line quickly so that stake out operation can be done effectively.

Elevation Stake
Staking out with 3D coordinates, eliminates the need to set up TS on the straight line for all elevation stakes.

Boundary and Cadastral Survey
By using the Area function, you can calculate the area easily. Also, you can determine the center point of the column such as electric pole, which cannot be directly measured, by using offset calculation.

Coordinate Measurement
With coordinate measurement, you can manage 3D coordinate data so that various calculations such as Road, Layout and more can be determined. 3D coordinate data management can improve the productivity drastically.

Topographic Survey
The trigger key, or measuring distance key, helps you perform topography quickly while continuously viewing through the telescope. Also, the long distance measuring range reduces the number of the instrument changes for more efficient working time.

Improve Topography and Stake Out, with features to achieve faster and more efficient workflows

Sokkia iM-100 Series Total Station Features

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